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Step into a world of strategic philanthropy, innovative finance, and transformative social impact at our invitation-only panel discussion, "Legacy of Purpose." Spearheaded by the distinguished Prof. Winnie Peng—Fellow at Respada Center of Excellence (CoE) on Legacy and Director of the Roger King Center at HKUST—this immersive event assembles a cadre of philanthropic trailblazers, visionary thought leaders, and experienced impact investors.

Dive Deep into Impactful Conversations

Engage in thought-provoking dialogues as we delve into avant-garde investment paradigms and the powerful impact of synchronizing financial aspirations with social and environmental imperatives.

Why Attend?

  1. Decode Innovative Investment Models: Discover the future of impact investing and its capacity to bring about transformative social change.
  2. Align Purpose with Profit: Learn how to integrate social and environmental objectives into your investment strategy, creating a balanced portfolio that serves both you and the world.
  3. Create a Lasting Legacy: Understand the potential for purpose-driven investing to leave a meaningful and enduring impact for future generations.

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Don't miss this rare opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking community committed to creating lasting legacies through impactful investing. Secure your spot now and contribute to the discourse that aims to redefine the parameters of purposeful investing.

Join us and become a catalyst for change as we examine how impact investing can not only yield financial returns but also forge a legacy of positive societal transformation.

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