Private Equity Course and Certifications

This course is designed for family members as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity managers.

Format: Online


Certification Path for FPEC and DPEEC

Fundamentals of Private Equity Certification (FPEC) by RESPADA


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  • Fundamentals of Private Equity Certification (FPEC) by RESPADA

Certification - FPEC

  • Fundamentals of Private Equity Certification(FPEC) by RESPADA

Distinguished Private Equity Expert Certification(DPEEC) by RESPADA


September - December 2023

  • Lectures from faculty and case discussion
  • Module tests
  • Paper submission

March 2024
Certification - DPEEC

  • Distinguished Private Equity Expert Certification (DPEEC) by RESPADA
  • Invitation to graduation party hosted in Boston, USA

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  • Exclusive access to job opportunities in family offices and private equity firms

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