Private Equity for Family Offices

This course is designed for family members as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity managers.

Date: Feb 6th - Jun 23rd 2023
Duration: 2 weeks
Fees: US$7,800
Format: Online


Syllabus 2023

Private equity is a critically important asset that family offices cannot afford to exclude from their portfolios.

Course Overview

  • Deal Origination, Transaction, and Execution
  • Best Practices for Due Diligence
  • Financial Modeling
  • Private Equity Globalization
  • Enterprise Value & Price Discovery
  • Capital Stack - Debt & Equity Considerations

Teaching Methodology

  • Matriculated applicants are accepted based upon a rigorous selection criteria including demonstrating consistency in financial excellence, and having relevant work experience and a strong academic background.
  • The course hones in on empirical, hands-on learning by allowing candidates to directly participate in deals that are underway in Respada.
  • Students immerse in interactive sessions with experts from diverse backgrounds across the world.
  • Students engage in continuous learning through collaboration with the Respada community.

Key Outcomes

  • Receive certification upon course mastery to secure opportunities with Respada's family office members and institutional partners.
  • Learn strategies to build a stronger deal pipeline and manage outsized returns.
  • Garner institutional level expertise and tools to mitigate risk and drive outcomes.
  • Participate in a collaborative network to expand lasting and trusted relationships among industry peers.

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