Fritz Steiger

City: Bentonville, AR

Fritz Steiger is President & CEO of the Steiger Company, a consulting firm delivering project management, advisory services, and fundraising strategy solutions to enable nonprofit and for-profit companies to reach their personal, business and philanthropic goals. Operating from its home base in Bentonville, Arkansas, the Steiger Company marries its fundraising and business development expertise and brings people and resources together that share a similar vision and mission and want to raise the bar of excellence for their product, service, or policy.

The Steiger Company has been involved in real estate, having developed four major projects, including the Arbors at Pinnacle Ridge in Rogers and the Arbors at Deer Crossing in Bentonville, both condominium communities with nearly 100 units in each. He also represents new and disruptive technology companies doing business with Walmart’s enterprise and business pursuits, especially in the area of health and wellness.

Prior to starting his own firm, Fritz was President & CEO of Children First America, a national educational philanthropic 501(c)3 organization supported by major donors providing support for the creation of community scholarship programs throughout the country for low-income and minority children. Prior to Children First America, Fritz was President & CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation that he co-founded and led in bringing new ideas based on free market principles, individual responsibility, and limited government to opinion leaders and policy makers.

Early in his career, Fritz held senior corporate affairs positions (including Walmart and MCLAS Technologies) and campaign leadership roles where he created and drove execution of strategy, led and monitored political engagement activities, developed and maintained wide third-party stakeholder networks to influence the operating environment. As a campaign leader, Fritz implemented a comprehensive strategic plan and successfully elected four justices to the Texas Supreme Court. Additionally, Fritz served in various political campaigns including George HW Bush for President in 1980 and was the Campaign Manager for the 1984 Bethune for United States Senate in Arkansas.

Fritz earned a bachelor's degree in Ag-Economics from the University of Arkansas and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He and his former wife, Frances, are the parents of six adult children.

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