Alliant Insurance Services is among the largest and fastest-growing insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the United States. Fueled by entrepreneurialism and driven by results, Alliant operates on the belief that more is possible and expectations are meant to be exceeded. Our clients and partners have profound confidence in us to deliver in all market climates through the design and delivery of innovative solutions and services across a broad range of industry verticals.

Our people stand as the backbone of our organization. We proudly employ a team of diverse, driven, and exceptional people and invest heavily in their success, giving our brokerage and consulting teams the freedom and resources they need to help their clients grow their businesses to remarkable heights. The result is a dynamic team of professionals who consistently perform at the highest level, while caring and giving back to causes that impact their communities and the world at large.

Alliant is built on teamwork and collaboration, a philosophy that has guided our growth and evolution for almost 100 years. We rise together to meet challenges, think together to drive innovation, and thrive together in our business and in the diverse communities where we operate.



Alexander Pishal

Vice President | Producer-New Business Development

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