Walden Monterey

Invitation to an exclusive community in a private forest


Encircled by 200-year-old oak trees, the property will feature 22 20-acre homesites that will allow owners to live in harmony with nature. The modern, minimalist dwellings function as an extension of Thoreau’s cabin—remote retreats where homeowners can escape the frantic pace of their day-to-day lives and reconnect with what matters most to them.

The community puts an emphasis on renewable energy so future generations can revel in the same beauty that exists there today. Hundreds of acres of open space welcome residents to a life of fresh air and walking trails, a meditation garden, and even a communal table made from fallen trees—all designed to help residents rediscover the tonic of wildness. 


At a time when so many of us live our lives connected to work or connected to our devices, maybe its time to try something new. Maybe its time to reconnect with ourselves, with our families and true friends and with a large sense of what life is really about.

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