NeoTX owns two complimentary technologies. The first is a cancer immunotherapy, known as Tumor-Targeted Superantigen (TTS). The human immune system is far more adept at killing bacteria than cancer cells. The TTS platform coats tumors with superantigen, a bacterial derivative, thereby eliciting an antibacterial immune response against the tumor, even in patients who do not respond to current immunotherapy approaches. Binding bacterial determinants to the tumor surface, effectively converts a weak antitumoral immune response into a durable, antibacterial one. TTS technology carries the potential to augment the effectiveness of checkpoint inhibitors and other anticancer approaches, including chemotherapy and CAR-T cell therapy. NeoTX’s lead TTS molecule, naptumomab estafenatox (NAP), is currently being evaluated for use in advanced solid tumors. NAP is directed against tumors expressing 5T4 antigen, a genetic target present on many of the most common solid tumors. Additional drug candidates developed with the TTS platform have the potential to treat hematologic cancers and other solid tumor indications, such as glioblastoma. NAP is currently in a Phase 1b clinical trial (in collaboration with AstraZeneca) as well as a Phase II clinical trial. The second pillar of NeoTX is Arrow, a computer-aided drug discovery platform (operated through NeoTX’s subsidiary InterX). Arrow generates accurate predictions of the molecular properties of biological systems using computational chemistry. Arrow was developed by three Nobel Prize-winning scientists, Roger Kornberg (2006), Michael Levitt (2013), and Arieh Warshel (2013). All three continue to work with NeoTX. These proprietary, molecular computation tools allow a detailed quantum mechanical assessment of the forcefields and polarities that govern biochemical interactions down to the subatomic level. This results in faster, more accurate and more efficient drug discovery, reducing the typical timeline by several years. NeoTX owns a pipeline of novel drug candidates developed with this system. No company in the world has more accurate modelling capabilities in computational chemistry.

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