Trusted Network

Trusted Network

Respada is an invitation only platform that seeks the best experts who are aligned with the values of the Respada community. Being a member of Respada, one has instantaneous access to a trusted global network of experts.

Premiere Access Audience


Compliant and secure messaging.

The secure messaging system on Respada allows one to synchronously or in real-time connect with other members. Collaboration across markets and countries results in more deals, more investing, more efficiency and more innovation.

How it works

  • Directory of members
  • Private chat one on one
  • Concierge Service

Affinity Groups

  • Private Equity
  • Health Tech
  • Asset Protection & Risk
  • Philanthropy
  • Art
  • Whole Health
  • CIOs
  • Public Markets
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Private Deals

Respada is purpose built to support the entire life-cycle of deals. Its proprietary algorithm works in conjunction with 'deal protocols' to create information liquidity for all participants.

EquityNova - An alternative investment market place


Perhaps the most enduring reward of financial success is the opportunity it gives you to effect positive change. Respada members get to collaborate with philanthropic initiates that create social, political and economic impact.

Learn how Respada works with the world's largest philanthropic endeavor

Private Equity Course

Private Equity Course

This course is designed for family members as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity managers.


Private equity is a critically important asset that family offices cannot afford to exclude from their portfolios.

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Thought Leadership

The events on the platform provide an opportunity to learn from experts,
network with peers and collaborate on deals.

How can I get involved?

Connect with any of our members or collaborate with Respada.

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